sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008

Connie - I Can't Stop (1986)

A1-I Can't Stop
B1-I Can't Stop (Dub Version)


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Anônimo disse...

not the full 12 inch, missing track B2

A I Can't Stop (5:35)
B1 I Can't Stop (Dub Version) (4:02)
B2 Rock Me (5:23)

Why do you post incomplete 12's

Big John disse...

I don't post the rock me versions because the low quality in my 12", many many many pops,and scratches.

I Will Post in the future, the vocal+dub version of Rock me.


Anônimo disse...

Well, you should at least let people know that it's not the complete 12'' i mean you do a great job sharing these.. but you need to inform the visitors that not all 12 inches are complete.. can you also add track numbers to the actual mp3's inside the rar files

I know you have the track list, listed on your blog, but the files need to have the track numbers on them

Just a thought bro..

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