sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2009

Wanda Dee - Blue Eyes (1986)

A1-Blue Eyes (7" Radio Edit)
A2-Blue Eyes (Instrumental)
B-Blue Eyes (Extended Dance Mix)


Mixmaster Spade - Sexy Lady (1989)

A1-Sexy Lady (Vocal Radio Remix)
A2-Sexy Lady (Instrumental)
B-Genius Is Back


Mix Master Spade - It's The Mix Master (1989)

A1-It's The Mix Master
A2-Sexy Lady (Vocals)
A3-Sexy Lady (Sax Version)
A4-Sexy Lady (Instrumental)
B1-Lets Get Stupid
B2-Oh Yeah I Remember
B3-Under Fire
B4-Oh Yeah I Remember (Sax Version)


Symbolic Three & D.J. Dr. Shock - No Show (1985)

A1-No Show
A2-No Show (Edited Version)
A3-Tell Off
B1-We're Treacherous
B2-No Show (Dub)


Symbolic Three - Extravagant Girls (1986)

A1-Extravagant Girls (Radio Version)
A2-Extravagant Girls (Long Version)
A3-Extravagant Girls (Instrumental)
B1-Bite It If You Wanna (Long Version)
B2-Bite It If You Wanna (Radio Version)
B3-Bite It If You Wanna (Instrumental)

West Coast Rap All-Stars - We're All In The Same Gang (1990)

A1-We're All In The Same Gang (Ganster Mix Edit)
A2-We're All In The Same Gang (Album Version)
A3-We're All In The Same Gang (Alternate Mix)
B1-We're All In The Same Gang (Arsenio Edit)
B2-We're All In The Same Gang (Instrumental)


sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2009

Unique - Pure Dynamite (1989)

A-Pure Dynamite


Unknown Force, The - Females (1986)

A1-Females (Radio Version)
A2-Females (Instrumental)
B1-Females (Long Version)
B2-Females (Radio Instrumental)

Von Love - Momentary Laps Of Reason (1988)

A1-Momentary Laps Of Reason
A2-The Art Of Freestyle
B1-This Is How It Should Be Done
B2-Brain Stormin

West Coast Crew - We Are The Crew (1985)

A-We Are The Crew
B-Jealous People

Underground Posse - Gangsta/Hype Mix

A-Gangsta/Hype Mix (Vocal)
B-Gangsta/Hype Mix (Drums Instrumental)

Underground Posse - Techno Theory

A-Techno Theory
B-Techno Theory (Drums And Bass Instrumental)


sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2009

Captain Rapp & The Fresh Team - Bite Em (1985)

A-Bite Em (Vocal)
B-Bite Em (Instrumental)


The Third Degree & D.X.J. - Bass It Baby (1986)

A1-Bass It Baby
A2-Bass It Baby (Vocal Dub Mix)
B-Bass It Baby (Stoopid Fresh Mix)


We Down Express - Bass Attack (1986)

A-Bass Attack
B-Bass Attack (Instrumental Dub)


Opus Ten - Love's Calling (1985)

A1-Love's Calling (Short Version)
A2-Love's Calling (Vocal Rap)
B-Love's Calling (Instrumental Dub)

S.M.O.K.E.Y. D.E.E. & DXJ - Get Hyped (1989)

A1-Get Hyped (Radio)
A2-Get Hyped (Scratch At Your On Risk-A- Pella)
B-Get Hyped (Special Maggozulu Too Assault-N-Dub)


Thumbs & The Hoestiles - Let's Get Started (1985)

A-Let's Get Started "The Munster TV Theme"
B-Let's Get Started "The Munster TV Theme" (Monster Dub)


sexta-feira, 10 de julho de 2009

Young Bennie Valentino - Get Tough (1984)

A-Get Tough (Only The Tough Survive)
B-Get Tough (Only The Tough Survive) (Instrumental)


Wuf Ticket - The Key (1983)

A-The Key
B-The Key (Instrumental)

Wuf Ticket - Ya Mama (1982)

A-Ya Mama (Vocal)
B-Ya Mama (Instrumental)

King Tee & DJ Keith Cooley - Paybacks A Mutha (1987)

A-Paybacks A Mutha
B1-Paybacks A Mutha (Instrumental)
B2-Special Thanx


King Tee - The Coolest (1987)

A-The Coolest
B-Ya Better Bring A Gun


the Organization - The Big Beat (1985)

A1-The Big Beat
A2-Vice Beats
B-The Big Beats


sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2009

Death City Boyz - Bopsey Twins (1985)

A1-Bopsey Twins (Long Version)
A2-Bopsey Twins (Short Version)
B1-Bopsey Twins (X-Rated)
B2-Bopsey Twins (Dub)


Alias III - Street Aid (1986)

A-Street Aid (Vocals - Long Version)
B1-Street Aid (Instrumental-Dub Version)
B2-Street Aid (Vocals - Radio Version)


Spanish Prince - Dance, Everybody, Dance (1987)

A1-Dance, Everybody, Dance (12" Version)
A2-Dance, Everybody, Dance (Dub Version)
A3-Dance, Everybody, Dance (7" Version)
B1-Maria (12" Version)
B2-Maria (Dub Version)
B3-Maria (7" Version)


The Members Only Crew - You're Not Down (1985)

A1-You're Not Down
A2-Def Groove
B1-Be Your Own Man
B2-Rock Your Body


Talko - Psyko Flash (1983)

A1-Psyko Flash (Dub Mix)
B1-Psyko Flash (Radio Version)


Magic Mike Crew - Magic Mike Theme (1983)

A-Magic Mike Theme (Party / Radio Version)
B-Magic Mike Theme (Remix / Club Version)