terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

The Crush Force - The Buckwheat Dance Rap (1986)

A-The Buckwheat Dance Rap (Vocal)
B-The Buckwheat Dance Rap (Instrumental)


The Imperial Three - It's Rough (1985)

A-It's Rough
B-It's Rough (Dub)


Higher Empire - On Top Of The World (1987)

A-On Top Of The World
B-On Top Of The World (Instrumental)


East Coast Crew - The Final Word - No More Roxanne (1985)

A-The Final Word - No More Roxanne (Please)
B-The Final Word - No More Roxanne (Please) (Instrumental)

Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock (1983)

A-It's Your Rock (Vocal)
B-It's Your Rock (Instrumental)

Fantasy Three - Biters In The City (1983)

A1-Biters In The City (Vocal)
B1-Biters In The City (Instrumental)
B2-Biters In The City (Scratch Version)


Fantasy Three - The Buck Stops Here (1984)

A1-Summer (Vocal)
A2-Summer (Bonus)
B1-The Buck Stops Here (Vocal)
B2-Summer / The Buck Stops Here (Dub Mix)


Ray Luv - Definition Of Ah Hustla (1995)

A1-Definition Of Ah Hustla (Radio Edit)
A2-Definition Of Ah Hustla (Instrumental)
A3-Definition Of Ah Hustla (Acappella)
B1-Ride With The Luvva Man (Radio Edit)
B2-Ride With The Luvva Man (Instrumental)
B3-Definition Of Ah Hustla (Street


segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2009

Kool DJ AJ - Ah, That's The Joint

A-Ah, That's The Joint (Vocal)
B-Ah, That's The Joint (Instrumental)


Romeo, Cupid & Hugg E. Bear - L.A. Girls (1986)

A1-L.A. Girls (Long Version)
A2-L.A. Girls (Instrumental Version)
B1-L.A. Girls (Dub Version)
B2-L.A. Girls (Edit Version)


Special Request - Salsa Smurph (1983)

A-Salsa Smurph (Vocal)
B-Salsa Smurph (Instrumental)