quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2008

T Ski Valley - Saturday Night (1984)

A1-Saturday Night (Carribean Style)
B1-Saturday Night (Carribean Style - Skank Mix)


T Ski Valley - It's The 80's (Invasion) (1984)

A1-It's The 80's (Invasion)
B1-It's The 80's (Invasion)(Instrumental)

T Ski Valley - Scratch The Beat (1984)

A1-Scratch The Beat
B1-The Megamix (Rare Version)

T Ski Valley - Sexual Rappin' (1983)

A1-Sexual Rappin'
B1-Sexual Rappin' (Instrumental)

T Ski Valley - Catch The Beat (1982)

A1-Catch The Beat
B1-Catch The Groove

terça-feira, 29 de julho de 2008

Sweet G - Waiting For Your Love (1983)

A1-Waiting For Your Love
B1-Waiting For Your Love (Dub Version)

Dana Dane - Nightmares (1985)

B1-Nightmares (Instrumental)

Dana Dane - Delancey Street (1987)

A1-Delancey Street
B1-Delancey Street (Instrumental)

Busy Bee - Busy Bee's Groove (1983)

A1-Busy Bee's Groove
B1-Busy Bee's Groove (Instrumental)

segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2008

Toddy Tee - Batteram (1985)

B1-Batteram (Instrumental)

The Masterdon Committee - Get Off My Tip (1986)

A1-Get Off My Tip
B1-Get Off My Tip (Instrumental)

High Fidelity Three - B Boys Breakdance (1984)

A1-B Boys Breakdance
B1-B Boys Breakdance (Instrumental)

CD III - Success (1984)

A1- Success
B1-Success (Instrumental)

Ultimate 3 Mc's - Live (1984)

B1-Live (Instrumental)

Ultimate 3 Mc's - What We Gonna Do (1985)

A1-What We Gonna Do
B1-What We Gonna Do (Intrumental)

domingo, 27 de julho de 2008

Ultimate Choice - You Can't Front (1987)

A1-You Can't Front (We Will Rock You)
B1-You Can't Front (Instrumental)

Divine Sounds - What People Do For Money (1984)

A1-What People Do For Money
B1-Dollar Bill Dub Dub

B Fats - How's Everybody Feelin' ? (1988)

A1-How's Everybody Feelin'? (Radio Edit)
B1-How's Everybody Feelin'? (Album Version)

B Fats - The B Fats (1987)

A1-The B-Fats
A2-The B-Fats (Radio)
B1-The B-Fats (Dub Version)

B Fats - Music Maestro (1989)

A1-Music Maestro (I.E. Mix)
A2-Music Maestro (LP Version)
B1-Music Maestro (Minus Maestro Mellow Mix)

B Fats - Woppit (1986)

B1-Woppit (Dub Version)

Fresh 3 Mc's - Have Your Heart (1984)

A1-Have Your Heart
B1-Have Your Heart (Instrumental)

Fresh 3 Mc's - Fresh (1983)

B1-Fresh (Instrumental)

Dwayne Omarr - Save The Children (1985)

A1-Save The Children
B1-Save The Children (Dub)

Donald D - Don't Cha Go Nowhere (1984)

A1-Don't Cha Go Nowhere
B1-Don't Cha Go Nowhere (Instrumental)

Cry Sisco! - Afrodizziact (1988)

A1-Afrodizziact (12 Version)
A2-Afrodizziact (Remix)
B1-Afrodizziact (Remix 2)

Attitude - Pump The Nation (1983)

A1-Pump The Nation (Lp Version)
B1-Pump The Nation (Remix)
B2-Pump The Nation (Remix Instrumental)

Reflexx & Kool Dj Aj - Let's Kratz (1984)

A1-Let's Kratz (A-ja-i-jo)
B1-Let's Kratz (Trübkratz Dub)

Steady B - Just Call Us Def (1985)

A1-Just Call Us Def (Radio Version)
A2-Just Call Us Def (Instrumental)
B1-Fly Shante (Radio Version)
B2-Fly Shante (Instrumental)
B3-Fly Shante (Def Mix)

Kaptain Jam And The Mighty Finesse - I Can't Stand You (1987)

A1-I Can't Stand You (Dub Mix)
B1-I Can't Stand You (TV Mix)

Word Of Mouth - King Kut (1985)

A1-King Kut
B1-King Kut (New Remix)
B2-King Kut (Bonus Beats)

Microphone Masters - Too Cold Chillin' (1987)

A1-Too Cold Chillin' (Club Mix)
A2-Too Cold Chillin' (Instrumental)
B1-Francine (Club Mix)
B2-Francine (Instrumental)

Divine Sounds - Me & My Posse (1986)

A1-Me & My Posse (N.Y. Style)
B1-Me & My Posse (Instrumental)

Divine Sounds - Do Or Die Bed Sty (1984)

A1-Do Or Die Bed Sty (Vocal)
A2-Do Or Die Bed Sty (Remix Vocal)
B1-Do Or Die Bed Sty (Remix Dub)

Divine Sounds - Changes (We Go Trough) (1984)

A1-Changes (We Go Through)
B1- Changes (Dub Dub)

Diamond D - Fresh Avenue (1984)

A1-Fresh Avenue (Vocal)
B1-Fresh Avenue (Instrumental)

CD III - Get Tough (1983)

A1-Get Tough (Vocal Version)
B1-Get Tough (Instrumental)


Break Machine - Street Dance (1984)

A1-Street Dance (Vocal)
B1-Street Dance (Instrumental)


Break Machine - Break Dance Party (1984)

A1-Break Dance Party
B1-Break Dance Party (Dub Mix)


sábado, 26 de julho de 2008

Planet Patrol - I Didn't Know I Loved You (1983)

A1-I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock & Roll) (Vocal)
B1-I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock & Roll) (Instrum.)

Planet Patrol - Danger Zone (1984)

A1-Danger Zone (Vocal)
B1-Danger Zone (Instrumental)

Planet Patrol - Cheap Thrills (1983)

A1-Cheap Thrills (Vocal)
B1-Cheap Thrills (Instrumental)

Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk (1982)

A1-Play At Your Own Risk (Vocal)
B1-Rock At Your Own Risk (Instrumental)
B2-Play At Your Own Risk (Remix)

T Ski Valley - Mr Big Stuff (1982)

A1-Big Stuff (Rap & Breaks)
B1-More Stuff (Instrumental)

T Ski Valley - Never Let You Go (1983)

A1- Never Let Go (Rap & Breaks)
B1-Never Let Go (Instrumental)

The Showboys - Drag Rap (Triggerman) (1984)

A1-Drag Rap
B1-Drag Rap (Instrumental)

Mr T - Mr T Commandment (1984)

A1-Mr. T's Commandment
B1-Mr. T's Commandment (Instrumental)


Mike Gee - Rapper's Revenge (1984)

A1-Rappers Revenge (Vocal)
B1-Rappers Revenge (Instrumental)

G Dane - Coolest Of The Cool (1987)

A1-Coolest Of The Cool
A2-Coolest Of The Cool (Instrumental)
B1-Puerto Rican Girl
B2-Puerto Rican Girl (Instrumental)

Imperial Brothers - We Came To Rock (1984)

A1-We Came To Rock (Club Version)

A2-We Dub To Scratch (Be Bop Scratch Mix)

B1-We Come To Dub (Instrumental Dub)