sexta-feira, 26 de junho de 2009

Tanganyika - She's Got The Beat (1985)

A-The Name Game
B-She's Got The Beat

Arabian Prince & The Sheiks - Situation Hot (1986)

A-Situation Hot
B1-Situation Hot (Instrumental)
B2-Situation Hot (Radio Edit)

Rappin Duke & Friends - Buzzy Bragg

A1-Buzzy Bragg (Short)
A2-Buzzy Bragg (Long)
B-Buzzy Bragg (Instrumental)


Super Lover Cee - Do The James (1987)

A1-Do The James (Vocal)
A2-Do The James (Dub Mix)
B1-Do The James (Instrumental)
B2-Do The James (The 'Dope' Mix)


Super Lover Cee - Girls I Got Em Locked (1988)

A-Girls I Got Em Locked
B1-Girls I Got Em Locked (Instrumental)
B2-Girls I Got Em Locked (Acapella)


Showboys, The - Drag Rap (1986)

A-Drag Rap
B-Drag Rap (Instrumental)

Re-Up Best Quality Sound

sexta-feira, 19 de junho de 2009

Golden Girls - Too Cute (1985)

A-Too Cute
B-Too Cute (Instrumental)


Cli-N-Tel - 2030 (1986)

A2-2030 (Bonus Beats)
B-2030 (Instrumental)


Duke Bootee - Broadway (1985)

A1-Broadway (Vocal)
A2-Broadway (Radio Edit)
B1-Broadway (Instrumental)


Newcleus - Computer Age (Push The Button) (1984)

A1-Computer Age (Push The Button) (Club Version)
A2-Computer Age (Push The Button) (Edited Vocal Version)
B1-Computer Age (Push The Button) (Instrumental)
B2-Computer Age (Push The Button) (Vocal)

Dumb Guys - Rap-O-Matic Rap (1985)

A-Rap-O-Matic Rap (Stoopid Vocal)
B1-Rap-O-Matic Rap (Dunce Dub)
B2-Rap-O-Matic Rap (Moron Mix)

The Brothers Supreme - We Can't Be Held Back (1985)

A1-We Can't Be Held Back (DJ Club Mix)
A2-We Can't Be Held Back (Bonus Beats)
B1-We Can't Be Held Back (Radio Mix)
B2-We Can't Be Held Back (Instrumental)
B3-We Can't Be Held Back (Dundee Bonus Beats)


sexta-feira, 12 de junho de 2009

Spyder C - Credit Card Fraud (1985)

A-Credit Card Fraud
B-Credit Card Fraud (Instrumental)

Microphone Masters - Francine (1987)

A1-Francine (Club Mix)
A2-Francine (Instrumental)


Philly Crew - P.S. P.S.K. (1986)

A-P.S. P.S.K. (I'll Tell You What It Means!)
B1-P.S. P.S.K. (I'll Tell You What It Means!) (Instrumental)
B2-P.S. P.S.K. (I'll Tell You What It Means!) (Dub)

Fresh Kids Crew - Girls Of L.A. (1985)

A-Girls Of L.A. (D.J./Club Mix)
B1-Girls Of L.A. (Radio Mix)
B2-Girls Of L.A. (Instrumental)


Grandmaster Flash - Superappin' (1979)

B-Superappin' Theme

Kid 'N' Play - Last Night (1987)

A1-Last Night (Vocal)
B1-Last Night (Instrumental)


sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009

The Dynamic MC's - I Feel Dynamic

A-I Feel Dynamic
B-I Feel Dynamic (Instrumental)


Tim Greene - The Facts Of Life (1985)

A-The Facts Of Life
B-The Dub Of Life

Heavy Dose - We Got The Beat (1985)

A-We Got The Beat
B-We Got The Dub


Def Rock Krew - Don't Stop (1991)

A1-Too Hot To Trot (Vocals)
A2-Too Hot To Trot (Instrumental)
B1-Don't Stop (Vocals)
B2-Don't Stop (Instrumental)

Tha Swami - Tha Swami Scratch (1984)

A1-The Swami Scratch
A2-Scratch Ragious
B1-To Be #1
B2-To Be #1 Rap

Various - 4 Play + 1

A1-Little 7 - K-Mac Saved My Life
A2-Dizziy Dee - War
B1-Mc Rap - Zahra
B2-Hassan - Radio DJ
B3-Bobby B & Dj Slide - Many Women