quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2009

The Cold Crush Brothers - Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold (1985)

A1-Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold (Vocal Mix)
A2-Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold (Instrumental Mix)
B1-Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold (Scratch Mix)
B2-Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold (Radio Edit)


Bobcatt & California Catt Crew, The - California Catt Crew (1986)

A1-California Catt Crew (Vocal)
A2-California Catt Crew (Instrumantal)
A3-California Catt Crew (Bonus Beats)
B1-The Bobcatt Song (Vocal)
B2-The Bobcatt Song (Instrumantal)
B3-The Bobcatt Song (Bonus Beats)


Triple Crush - The Groove (1989)

A1-The Groove (Vocal Version)
A2-The Groove (Dub Version)
B1-Let's Dance (Vocal Version)
B2-Let's Dance (Dub Version)


Kaos Krew - Break The Beat Box (1986)

A-Break The Beat Box (Party Version)
B1-Break The Beat Box (Remix) (Club Version)
B2-Break The Beat Box (Bonus Version)


2:O'Clock - Gotta Get That Girl (1988)

A1-Gotta Get That Girl (Radio Version)
A2-Gotta Get That Girl (12" Version)
A3-Gotta Get That Girl (Bonus Beats)
B1-Crying (Radio)
B2-Gotta Get That Girl (Instrumental)
B3-Gotta Get That Girl (Acapella)


Extra Curricular - Super Trooper (1988)

A1-Super Troopern (Club Mix)
A2-Super Trooper (Dub Mix)
A3-In Effect (Live Mix)
B1-I'm Tee Love (Club Mix)
B2-I'm Tee Love (Dub Mix)


Toney Lee - Love So Deep (1983)

A-Love So Deep (Vocal)
B-Love So Deep (Instrumental)


Toney Lee - Reach Up (1982)

A-Reach Up
B-Reach Up (Dub Mix)

Party Rock Crew - La La Ooh (Girl I Want You) (1988)

A-La La Ooh (Girl I Want You) (Club Mix)
B1-La La Ooh (Girl I Want You) (Radio)
B2-La La Ooh (Girl I Want You) (Instr.)


Party Rock Crew - It's Funky (1990)

A1-It's Funky (Vocal Version)
A2-It's Funky (Instrumental Version)
A3-It's Funky (Dub Version)
B1-Basstown (Vocal Version)
B2-Basstown (Instrumental Version)
B3-It's Funky (Bonus Beats)

quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2009

M.C. Rock Lovely & Inculcation Band - One Time - Two Times Blow Your Mind (1981)

A-One Time - Two Times Blow Your Mind (Vocal)
B-One Time - Two Times Blow Your Mind (Instrumental)