sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2008

T La Rock - Back To Burn (1986)

A1-Back To Burn (Club Version)
B1-Back To Burn (Dub Version)
B2-Back To Burn (Radio Version)


T La Rock - Housin' With The T's (1989)

A1-Housin' With The T's (Rub-A-Dub Mix)
A2-Housin' With The T's (Bonus Mix)
A3-Housin' With The T's (Club Mix)
A4-Housin' With The T's (Radio Mix)
B1-T-N-Off (T's Mix)
B2-T-N-Off (Todd's Mix)
B3-T-N-Off (Radio Mix)

T La Rock - Love Blind (1988)

A1-Love Blind (Vocal Mix)
A2-Love Blind (Instrumental Mix)
B1-Runaway (Vocal Mix)
B2-Runaway (Instrumental Mix)
B3-Runaway (Acapella)

T La Rock - Breakin' Bells (1986)

A1-Breakin' Bells
A2-Breakin' Bells (Omar Santana Mix)
B1-Bass Machine (Club Version)
B2-Bass Machine (Radio Version)


T La Rock - This Beat Kicks (1987)

A1-This Beat Kicks (Club Version)
A2-This Beat Kicks (Radio Version)
B1-Scratch Monopoly
B2-Scratch Monopoly (Instrumental)

T La Rock - It's Yours (1984)

A1-It's Yours (Radio Mix)
A2-It's Yours (Instrumental)
B1-It's Yours (Scratch Party Death Mix)
B2-It's Yours (Instrumental Party)


quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2008

T La Rock - Flow With The New Style (1988)

A1-Flow With The New Style (Vocal Mix)
A2-Flow With The New Style (Dub Mix)
B1-You Got The Time (Vocal Mix)
B2-You Got The Time (Instrumental)
B3-You Got The Time (Dubapella)


Key-Matic - Breakin' In Space (1984)

A1-Breakin' In Space
A2-Breakin' In Space (Instrumental)
B1-Breakin' In Space (Remix)
B2-Breakin' In Space (Dub Mix)

Magic Trick - Oh! Oh! Fly Guys (1985)

A1-Oh! Oh! Fly Guys (Vocal)
B1-Oh! Oh! Fly Guys (Instrumental)


Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Stop It Wiz (1986)

A1-I Stink Cause I'm Funky
A2-Stop It Wiz
B1-I Stink Cause I'm Funky (Instrumental)
B2-Stop It Wiz (Instrumental)


sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008

The Real Roxanne - Bang Zoom! (1986)

A1-Bang Zoom!
B1-Howie's Teed Off

Seville & Jazzy Jay - Envious (1986)

B1-Envious (Dub)


Love Bug Starski - Do The Right Thing (1984)

A1-Do The Right Thing (12 Version)
A2-Do The Right Thing (7" Edit)
A3-Do The Right Thing (Instrumental)
B1-Starski Live At The Fever (Part 2)
B2-Starski Live At The Fever (Part 2) (7" Edit Mix)

Love Bug Starski - You've Gotta Believe (1982)

A1-You've Gotta Believe (Vocal)
A2-Starski Live At The Disco Fever (Vocal)
B1-You've Gotta Believe (Instrumental)
B2-Starski Live At The Disco Fever (Instrumental)


Love Bug Starski - Positive Life (1981)

A1-Positive Life
B1-Positive Life (Instrumental)


Love Bug Starski - House Rocker (1986)

A1-House Rocker
A2-Positive Life
A3-Baby Tell Me
A4-Amityville (The House On The Hill)
B1-Saturday Night
B2-Say What You Wanna Say
B3-Eighth Wonder

Cli-N-Tel - It Ain't Mine (1988)

A1-It Ain't Mine (Vocal)
B1-It Ain't Mine (Dub Mix)
B2-It Ain't Mine (Bonus Beats)


Connie - I Can't Stop (1986)

A1-I Can't Stop
B1-I Can't Stop (Dub Version)


Devastator - Devastation (1987)

A1-Devastation (Censored Vocal)
A2-Devastation (Uncensored Vocal)
B1-Devastation (Devastating Dub)
B2-Devastation (Devastating Beats)


L.L. Cool J - Rock The Bells (1985)

A1-Rock The Bells
B1-Rock The Bells (Original Version)


Latifah - Princess Of The Posse (1988)

A1-Wrath Of My Madness
A2-Wrath Of My Madness (Madapella)
A3-Princess Of The Posse
A4-Princess Of The Posse (Princessapella)
B1-Wrath Of My Madness (Instrumental)
B2-Princess Of The Posse (Instrumental)


Mc Serch - Hey Boy (1987)

A1-Hey Boy!
A2-Beware Of The Death
B1-Hey Boy! (Instrumental)
B2-Beware Of The Death (Instrumental)


Ronnie Gee - Raptivity (1980)

A1-Raptivity (Vocal)
B1-Raptivity (Instrumental)


quarta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2008

The Wee Papa Girls Rappers - Faith (1988)

B1-Faith (Instrumental)
B2-Bustin Loose

The Boogie Boys - Share My World (1986)

A1-Share My World (Remix)
A2-Run It (Remix)
B1-Share My World (Dub)
B2-Run It (Dub)

The Boogie Boys - Girl Talk (1986)

A1-Girl Talk (Long Distance Version)
A2-Girl Talk (Short Distance Version)
B1-Girl Talk (Diamond Dub)
B2-Girl Talk (Instrumental)


The Boogie Boys - Dealin' With Life (1986)

A1-Dealin' With Life (The Mix Of life)
A2-Dealin' With Life (Lp Edit)
B1-Dealin' With Life (Diamond Dub)
B2-Dealin' With Life (Instrumental)


The Boogie Boys - Breakdancer (1984)

A1-Break Dancer (Radio Mix)
B1-Shake & Break
B2-Break Dancer (Club Mix)
B3-Break Dancer (Bonus Beats)


The Boogie Boys - City Life (1985)

A1-City Life (LP Version)
A2-A Fly Girl
B1-City Life (Dub)
B2-City Life (Bonus Beats)
B3-A Fly Girl (Dub)


The Boogie Boys - You Ain't Fresh? (1985)

A1-You Ain't Fresh (Morning Dew Mix)
A2-You Ain't Fresh (7" Sunrise Mix)
B1-You Ain't Fresh (High Noon Mix)
B2-You Ain't Fresh (Midnight Mix)

The Boogie Boys - KMD Step Off (1988)

A1-Body (12" Vocal)
A2-Body (Album)
B1-KMD Step Off (12" Remix)
B2-KMD Step Off (Dub)

terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2008

Freddy B & Mighty Mic Masters - The Main Event (1986)

A1- The Main Event
A2- We're Back Y'All
A3- It's the Hip Hop
A4- All the Way Live
A5- Bed Stuy
B1- Freddy's Back
B2- Coolin' On the Avenue
B3- The Main Event (Round 2)
B4- It's Hyped
B5- Go G Whiz

Masters Of Ceremony - Dynamite (1988)

A2-Keep On Moving
A3-Redder Posse
A4-One To The Knot
B1-Rock Steady
B3-Master Move
B4-Cracked Out
B5-Rock With The Master


B Fats - Music Maestro (1989)

A1-Music Maestro
A2-We're On A Roll
A3-Here Comes The Judge
A4-I Found Love
B1-Scream Theme
B2-Back In The Days
B3-Renny On The Cut
B4-Funk Power


The Crush Force - Crushin' (1987)

A1-Bass, Scratch, Beat And Rap (B.S.B.R.)
A2-The Buckwheat Dance Rap
A3-Don't Do It
B1-Run Suckers
B2-My Levis
B3-Bass, Scratch, Beat And Rap (B.S.B.R.) (Bonus Beats)


The Magnetic Force - 12-52-365 (1989)

A2-Said We Could Do It
A3-Magnetic Force Ain't Frontin'
A4-Save That Rap
A5-Baby Dontcha Wanna
B2-Turn Up The Music
B3-Condom Sense
B4-We Want More

sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

The Invisibles - Donkey Kong (1984)

A1-Donkey Kong (Catch You In The Break)
B1-Donkey Kong (Catch You In The Break) (Dub Mix)


The Brothers - You Can't Win (1987)

A1-You Can't Win (Vocal Version)
A2-You Can't Win (Instrumental Version)

Kay Gee The All & Dj Drew - My Record Is Hot (1987)

A1-My Record Is Hot
A2-When No One Cares
B1-Big Beat
B2-She's A Dog


The Beat Box Boys - Einstein (1984)

A2-Yum Yum (Eat'em Up)
B1-Give Me My Money
B2-Be Bop Rock


The News Crew - Special Bulletin' (1986)

A1-Special Bulletin (Vocal)
B1-Special Bulletin (Instrumental)


Ezb & Dj Los - Untouchable (1988)

A2-We're Here To Stay
A3-Girl, You're My Destiny
A4-Down Wit The Posse
A5-Power Of The Bass
B1-We Rock Hard
B2-Keep On Rockin It
B3-Hit Me
B4-Money Is Movin
B5-DJ Los Concert Theme
B6-Your Turn!


The Almighty R.S.O.Crew - He's Gonna Catch It (1992)

A1-One In The Chamba (Street Mix)
A2-One In The Chamba (Instrumental)
B1-He's Gonna Catch It (Original Mix)
B2-He's Gonna Catch It (Instrumental)
B3-He's Gonna Catch It (Reggae Mix)
B4-One In The Chamba (Street Remix)

The Almighty R.S.O. Crew - We'll Remember You (1987)

A1-We'll Rember You
A2-Call Us The All
A3-To Be Like Us
B1-Call Us The All (Instrumental)
B2-To Be Like Us (Instrumental)

The Almighty R.S.O.Crew - The Greatest Show On Earth (1986)

A1-The Greatest Show On Earth
B1-The Greatest Show On Earth (Instrumental)


D.J. Fresh - (You Are) My Girl (1987)

A1-(You Are) My Girl
B1-(You Are) My Girl (Instrumental)
B2-D.J.Fresh Debut Megamix

segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2008

Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel - White Lines (1983)

A1-White Lines
A2-White Lines (Instrumental)
B1- White Lines (Hot Tracks Mix)
B2-White Lines (Extended)

sábado, 9 de agosto de 2008

Davy DMX - The DMX Will Rock (1985)

A1-The DMX Will Rock
A2-The DMX Will Rock (Rap Mix)
A3-The DMX Will Rock (Rap Mix 2)
B1-The DMX Will Rock (Instrumental)

M.C.Graig G - Transformer (1985)

B1-Transformer (Def Mix)


Lonnie Love - Young Ladies (1980)

A1-Young Ladies
B1-Young Ladies (Instrumental)