domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

Chainmen - Breaker's Revenge (1984)

A/B - Breaker's Revenge
Same Tracks On Both Sides

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the saucer people disse...

Many many thanks for sharing all these amazing records from the eighties. Though I am old enough to have bought all the Electro and Street Sounds compilations when they came out here in the UK, labels like 'Metrovynil' completely passed me by so thanks for posting all the ones here and below, they are all incredible and still sound great all these years later. John Davis was such a pioneer of the futuristic electro sound and its a shame he is not more well known.
Just found out about the 2006 'Flashcan' compilation made up of his Metrovynil tracks so really looking forward to hearing that.

Wonderful blog and thanks once more for sharing all this amazing music for free!