quarta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2008

Funkmaster Wizard Wiz - Bellevue Patient (1985)

A1-Bellevue Patient
A2-Put That Head Out (Live)
A3-Crack It Up (Ya Better Not)
A4-The Amazing Nubox
B1-Knucklehead Rappers
B2-Fat Tim
B3-Girls (Let Me Rock Your World)
B4-Beatbox Master Quick
B5-The Big One


3 comentários:

fresh disse...

Thanks again

casio hardcore disse...

cool, but the track's don't match up to the Bellevue Patient release on Discogs.

Anônimo disse...

where the fuck is track 4A?...nice up,but no NUBOX, THE LIVEST TRACK ON THIS E.P.,YOU'VE UPPED THE L.P.,re-up with 4A the most underrated beatbox track of all time.(& anumber one tune on the u.k. hip hop charts in 85')
the 17th blog to make this glaring mistake,come correct!.